Top 10 SUP Destinations

We've sought out the top 10 destinations to do stand up paddle boarding and are sharing them with you.  Stand-up paddleboarding known as SUP originated in Hawaii.  It is the fastest growing watersport in the U.S.  As a cross between kayaking and surfing, it's a fun way to get out on a lake, river or ocean and offers a great fitness benefit too.

1. Oahu, Hawaii - summer season in Hawaii provides calm waters which is perfect for paddleboarding.

2. San Diego, California - Mission Bay located just north of downtown San Diego is the perfect location for flat water.  Need a little extra?  Paddling out to the ocean is easy and the shoreline is beautiful.

3. Bali - one of the best year-round destinations for SUP with its consistent glassy waters.

4. Turks and Caicos Islands - surrounded by turquoise waters and coral reefs, this provides an awesome view of sea life.

5. Lake Tahoe, California - summer time in Tahoe is the perfect scenery for mountains and crystal clear waters and no shortage of coastline to explore.

6. Australia - offers SUP tours, surfing and lots of fun down under.

7. Bahamas - perfect destination year round, the Bahamas offer blue waters and adventurous shoreline.

8. Costa Rica - explore the nature reserves, ride the waves off the coast or enjoy a sunset while gliding on the water, Costa Rica has it all!

9. Key West, Florida - easy access from the U.S. and perfect setup for sunrise paddle sesh.

10. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - is ideal for all levels.  Enjoy the calm, warm waters of Mexico while keeping an eye out for dolphins, whales and even sea turtles along the way!


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