10 Commandments of Surfing

The following are a list of unwritten rules that should be followed while surfing.  


1. Don't drop in - one surfer per wave.  Before you take off be sure to look around to see if someone caught it before you.

2. Right of Way - once you've paddled out and standing to ride your wave, the surfer on the right has the Right of Way.

3. Wait Your Turn - similarly to #1, it's a first come, first served basis.  Just remember, when you're up, start paddling for the possible take off so another surfing doesn't drop in on you.

4. Don't Snake - snaking is when one surfer is paddling for a wave on their turn and another paddler tries to paddle inside them to claim the wave.  

5. Don't Paddle Through the Break - this is commonly the line up for surfers and could be a danger zone.  Be sure to paddle around the break or surfable part so you don't interfere with another surfers wave.

6. Share - don't be a hog, sharing is caring. 

7. Communicate - when multiple riders are setting to take their wave,  and the wave opens up to both sides be sure to call out right or left

8. Keep Control of Your Equipment - when in crowded surf spots, never attempt a maneuver where you could land into someone else and always pay attention to surfers paddling out.

9. Check Your Equipment - be sure your equipment is in good shape.  If your leash is wearing or your board has damage where fiberglass dings are visible, have these items fixed before going into the water.

10. Respect the Beach and the Ocean - leave the beach in better shape than you found it!  And always respect sea life.