Benefits of an Inflatable Paddle Board

We recently tested a variety of inflatable paddle boards (iSUP) and found some serious benefits.  

Easier to transport - the number one benefit to an iSUP is how easy they are to transport.  Most iSUP's come equipped with a compact carry bag that will store your pump, paddle and board. This benefit allows you to transport in the back seat or trunk of a car or even as your checked luggage if traveling.

Stability - we were thrilled to find when paddling an iSUP that it is as stable as a composite board.  When inflated to 15 PSI, the iSUP is very stable.  We recommend a board that is 6" high to provide the most stable surface on water.

Durability - most iSUP's come with a repair kit in case the board gets a rip or tear when paddling down river.  When the board is inflated it allows for some give when paddling and hitting objects. You're more likely to bounce off of an object where a composite board is likely to get dinged.

Pricing - Depending on your skill and budget, iSUP's are very affordable.  You can purchase new starting around $400 for the entire package.  However, some iSUP's are priced up to $1,500.

Overall recommendation, for beginner and intermediate riders, we highly recommend an inflatable board due to ease of transport, stability and pricing.  Surf'sup!