SUP + Yoga = SOGA!

Do you enjoy yoga or paddle boarding?  Have you ever done both?  SUP + Yoga or as we like to call it, SOGA, incorporates a new challenge in your yoga routine.

Reasons to try (if you needed any):

Great core exercise.  The addition of the SUP engages your core to help keep you balanced and afloat.  You have to engage these muscles to stay focused and balanced on the board.

Refine your technique

You may be unaware that current poses are misaligned.  Doing them on the paddle board will help you to be more in tune.  You will also become aware if one side of your body is working harder than the other.


Have you ever felt confined in a yoga classroom or studio?  Being in the outdoors and on water has an excellent calming for both your mind and your body.

It's a challenge

Doing SOGA is great for exercise, toning and most importantly, it's fun!  Conquering a yoga pose on a SUP is rewarding and helps to push boundaries.

The scenery

There's something about being in nature that is good for the soul!  We offer SOGA on lakes, secluded ocean bays and even on white water rapids for those seeking an adrenaline rush.  Join us on our next getaway.