On Site in Hawaii!

We're nearing the end of 2016 and enjoying one final adventure in Hawaii at none other than the Pipe Masters.  This annual event is held in Oahu, Hawaii on the North Shore and was established in 1970.  The World Surf League (WSL) invites the top 45 surfers from around the world as well as 16 surfers who can compete in walk-on trials.


Pipeline is regarded as one of the great wonders of the surfing world - not only for the explosive tubes but because the waves break just 75 yards off the beach.  One famous movie that brought this world renowned surf contest to life was Blue Crush that debuted in 2002.


Kelly Slater may be one of the most well known surfers worldwide.  Slater is a naturally talented surfer from Cocoa Beach, Florida and an eleven-time world champion.  Earlier this year Slater announced his retirement in 2017.   We confidently write that Kelly Slater will go down in surfing history as one of the greatest competitive surfers of all time.

Surf's Up!

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