Insider's Guide to Mt. Baker Ski Area

Mt. Baker Ski Area is located in the Mt. Baker - Snoqualmie National Forest and located just 2.5 hours northwest of Seattle, WA.  Mt. Baker receives an average snowfall of 659" per year which is the highest average of annual snowfall of any resort in the world!

Mt. Baker is known for its challenging in bounds trails and the backcountry surrounding it.  The majority of backcountry goers are strong intermediate to expert riders.  The backcountry policy requires riders to have:

  1. Avalanche transceiver and demonstrated ability to use it;
  2. A partner;
  3. Shovel;
  4. Knowledge of the terrain and ability;
  5. Avalanche knowledge;
  6. Knowledge of local avalanche conditions;
    1. know current snowpack layers
    2. know the recent snowfall and type
    3. know current NWAC forecast
    4. know current days weather forecast

While backcountry riding can offer some of the best terrain and conditions, safety is a top priority.  It's important to know that avalanches can occur at any time and riding backcountry can be dangerous.

Getting there: Mt. Baker Ski Area is easily accessed from Seattle or you can fly directly into the Bellingham International Airport.  Bellingham is just 30 miles from Mt. Baker and has plenty of rental shops for your outdoor needs as well as lodging and nightlife options.  

This season we're offering a 3-day intro to Avalanche Awareness including backcountry riding. If you're up for a challenging getaway join us here