NEW Destination! Sayulita, Mexico

We're gearing up for a surfing getaway to Sayulita, Mexico in March.  This destination is perfect for all levels and offers surfing year round.  Besides surfing, there are a variety of activities including taking in the local culture.  Below are some must see things in Sayulita.

Must-See Things In Sayulita:

  • Walkable town square full of vibrant colors, food and drink
  • More than 300 different tequila's 
  • Admire the local artisans
  • Boat trip to see the Marietta Islands
  • Surfing
  • Yoga retreat
  • Beach sunset

Are you ready for some Spring sunshine and outdoor water activities?  Check out our current destination offerings:

Backcountry At Baker

We just returned from Mt. Baker Ski Area in Glacier, Washington.  It was one helluva weekend!  We learned avalanche safety and awareness, how to monitor terrain for snow safety, on mountain companion rescues and much more.

We spent the weekend with some of the pro riders from 686 as well as the team manager for Gnu snowboards and other industry professionals.  It was quite the experience riding with such talent and being able to provide this education and experience for them.

Join us on an upcoming getaway!  Have a location in mind and a group wanting to explore but not sure how to go about it?  Contact us for your all inclusive adventure getaways.


January 12, 2017_PMAC_-5.jpg.png

Top Essentials for Riding Backcountry

We're headed to Mt. Baker Ski area this week for avalanche education and backcountry riding.  Mt. Baker has received over 300" of snowfall this season and the most in North America!  In preparation for this getaway, below is a comprehensive gear list as well as the top essentials.


  • Splitboard or snow shoes
  • Boots
  • Poles
  • Goggles
  • Helmet
  • Wax/waxing tools 
  • Crampons
  • 20-40L backpack
  • Avalanche transceiver
  • Beacon
  • Snow shovel
  • Probe
  • Sun protection
  • 1-2L hydration
  • Avalanche airbag survival pack
  • Whistle
  • Ice axe
  • Area map or guidebook

Top Essentials:

  1. Navigation
  2. Sun protection
  3. Insulation
  4. Illumination
  5. First Aid Kit
  6. Hydration
  7. Nutrition
  8. Tools
backcountry gear.png

2017 - A Year of Adventure


At 365 Boarding Getaways we're getting pumped for a new year with lots of adventure and new getaways.  We'll be starting off our adventures with avalanche awareness training at Mt. Baker Ski area, January 11-15th followed by a powder hounds dream of shredding endless snowy pillows in Niseko, Japan.

We've got new destinations in store to include getaways near and far surrounded by snow, surf, sand and sun.

This year's resolution?  Don't miss a 365 Boarding getaway!


Closing Out 2016

2016 has been quite a year!  From the unending powder in Niseko, Japan; to surfing in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua; a kitesurfing adventure in Cape Town, South Africa; and a final stop at the Pipe Masters in Hawaii, it's been full of adventure.  Here are our highlights:

Niseko - JAPOW is an understatement.  Each day brought new powder, untouched tracks and no lines.  EVER.  This is a must for your snowboarding bucket list.  Join us in February 2017 to experience it for yourself.



Nicaragua - San Juan del Sur is a perfect surf town.  From dinners on the beach at sunset, pub crawls with 100 of your closest friends and a legit local surf vibe, Nicaragua is a surfing destination you must experience.


Cape Town - Bloubergstrand is one of the top kiting destinations and located less than 30 minutes from Cape Town.  Not a pro?  No problem!  Langebaan is located 90 minutes North of Blouberg and a perfect location for beginners and intermediate kiters.  The wind is at its peak from November - February.  


Oahu - What's better than Pipeline?  Nothing actually.  365 Boarding was on site at the 2016 annual Pipe Masters surfing competition.  None other than Kelly Slater is pictured below.  Not quite a pro?  No problem. We enjoyed surfing on the North Shore in Oahu as well as Hanalei on the island of Kauai.


That's a wrap for 2016!  Just wait to see what next year has in store.  Want to join 365 Boarding Getaways on an adventure in 2017?  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us to be first to know on our upcoming getaways.  

Wishing you nothing but adventure in 2017!


On Site in Hawaii!

We're nearing the end of 2016 and enjoying one final adventure in Hawaii at none other than the Pipe Masters.  This annual event is held in Oahu, Hawaii on the North Shore and was established in 1970.  The World Surf League (WSL) invites the top 45 surfers from around the world as well as 16 surfers who can compete in walk-on trials.


Pipeline is regarded as one of the great wonders of the surfing world - not only for the explosive tubes but because the waves break just 75 yards off the beach.  One famous movie that brought this world renowned surf contest to life was Blue Crush that debuted in 2002.


Kelly Slater may be one of the most well known surfers worldwide.  Slater is a naturally talented surfer from Cocoa Beach, Florida and an eleven-time world champion.  Earlier this year Slater announced his retirement in 2017.   We confidently write that Kelly Slater will go down in surfing history as one of the greatest competitive surfers of all time.

Surf's Up!

Kelly Slater.jpg

Top 10 Snowboarding Gift Ideas

The countdown to Christmas is on and we're bringing you the list of the top 10 gifts ideas for the snowboarder in your life.  We're sharing some of our favorites along with the top brands in the industry.

1. The Fourth Phase - snowboard film featuring Travis Rice.  This DVD will surely get a rider hyped for a day on the slopes or backcountry riding.

2. Ski Pass - There are many season passes to choose from and we're a fan of the Epic Pass where you get the most bang for your buck.  Not only does it offer multiple destinations in the U.S. but also Canada and Europe.

3. Outerwear - If you look good, you feel good and you'll ride even better.  This season 686 ( has a new line, GLCR which will last through your toughest adventures.

4. Socks - nobody likes cold feet.  While there are many options to choose from, we're a fan of these durable socks from Dakine which offers multi-density knitting for warmth and cushioning as well as venting panels.

5. Base Layers - Don't forget the layers!  It's all about comfort and function when it comes to base layers.  Moisture-wicking is key especially for bluebird days.  

6. Goggles - Spy goggles have a new Happy Lens which provides superior color and contrast enhancements.  You'll want a style that offers both a high-light and low-light lens.

7. Helmet - safety first!  Whether you're a weekend warrior on crowded days or flying through the trees, don't forget your helmet. 

8. Beanie - keep warm and stylish with a colorful pom beanie. 

9. Facemask - Phunkshun Wear masks are made from recycled plastic bottles.  They are water repellant, freeze resistant and moisture wicking.  

10. Go-Pro - it never happened unless caught on camera!  Let your rider film their powder runs or catching air off of a kicker.  Don't forget the new stability accessory.

Want to provide the snowboarder in your life a trip of a lifetime?  Send them on a getaway!  Bucket list destinations now available:

10 Commandments of Surfing

Winter's in the air in the U.S. but surfing is just around the corner.  Today we're sharing the top 10 Commandments of surfing.  The following are a list of unwritten rules that should be followed while surfing.  

1. Don't drop in - one surfer per wave.  Before you take off be sure to look around to see if someone caught it before you.

2. Right of Way - once you've paddled out and standing to ride your wave, the surfer on the right has the Right of Way.

3. Wait Your Turn - similarly to #1, it's a first come, first served basis.  Just remember, when you're up, start paddling for the possible take off so another surfing doesn't drop in on you.

4. Don't Snake - snaking is when one surfer is paddling for a wave on their turn and another paddler tries to paddle inside them to claim the wave.  

5. Don't Paddle Through the Break - this is commonly the line up for surfers and could be a danger zone.  Be sure to paddle around the break or surfable part so you don't interfere with another surfers wave.

6. Share - don't be a hog, sharing is caring. 

7. Communicate - when multiple riders are setting to take their wave,  and the wave opens up to both sides be sure to call out right or left

8. Keep Control of Your Equipment - when in crowded surf spots, never attempt a maneuver where you could land into someone else and always pay attention to surfers paddling out.

9. Check Your Equipment - be sure your equipment is in good shape.  If your leash is wearing or your board has damage where fiberglass dings are visible, have these items fixed before going into the water.

10. Respect the Beach and the Ocean - leave the beach in better shape than you found it!  And always respect sea life.

Surf'sup!  Get on Board.

Insider's Guide to Mt. Baker Ski Area

Mt. Baker Ski Area is located in the Mt. Baker - Snoqualmie National Forest and located just 2.5 hours northwest of Seattle, WA.  Mt. Baker receives an average snowfall of 659" per year which is the highest average of annual snowfall of any resort in the world!

Mt. Baker is known for its challenging in bounds trails and the backcountry surrounding it.  The majority of backcountry goers are strong intermediate to expert riders.  The backcountry policy requires riders to have:

  1. Avalanche transceiver and demonstrated ability to use it;
  2. A partner;
  3. Shovel;
  4. Knowledge of the terrain and ability;
  5. Avalanche knowledge;
  6. Knowledge of local avalanche conditions;
    1. know current snowpack layers
    2. know the recent snowfall and type
    3. know current NWAC forecast
    4. know current days weather forecast

While backcountry riding can offer some of the best terrain and conditions, safety is a top priority.  It's important to know that avalanches can occur at any time and riding backcountry can be dangerous.

Getting there: Mt. Baker Ski Area is easily accessed from Seattle or you can fly directly into the Bellingham International Airport.  Bellingham is just 30 miles from Mt. Baker and has plenty of rental shops for your outdoor needs as well as lodging and nightlife options.  

This season we're offering a 3-day intro to Avalanche Awareness including backcountry riding. If you're up for a challenging getaway join us here

Farewell From Cape Town!

What a week it's been in Cape Town!  We've been busy checking out various beaches, went on a safari, hiked Lion's Head, had fun kiting and topped it all off with cage diving with sharks.  This was quite an adventure!


We spent time in Langebaan enjoying the warmer water in South Africa while kiteboarding.  Langebaan is a town in the Western Cape province of South Africa on the eastern shore of Langebaan Lagoon.  Situated near Langebaan Lagoon is Shark Bay which is another fantastic spot to learn kitesurfing with large open areas and mostly waist deep water. The water is warm in the summer and always very clear.  Shark Bay (not called Shark Bay because of any dangerous sharks) is the perfect locations for all water based beginner lessons and flat water riders.

Now that we've mapped out Cape Town and what it has to offer, look forward to an upcoming getaway!  

It's finally snowing in the U.S., Canada and Japan.  Join us on one of our winter getaways. 

On Location in Cape Town!

Welcome to Cape Town!  This week we're enjoying the world renowned beaches of Cape Town kitesurfing, surfing, venturing on an African Safari and hiking Lion's Head.

Kiteboarding also known as kitesurfing and kiting, is a very technical sport.  Beginners will go through classroom like training learning about onshore and offshore winds as well as how to steer the kite.  The next step is learning how to body drag and the directional pull of the kite.  Once this is mastered after lessons, one can strap on a board and officially kite surf!

Kitesurfing in Cape Town requires a full body wed suit as the water temps even in the summer are cool.  The best kiting season for Cape Town is November - February.  Other popular places to kite are Cayman Islands, Hawaii, Fiji and Florida to name a few.

Want to learn to kite or advance your skills?  Join us on an upcoming getaway. 

Live from Cancun, Mexico!

Hola from Cancun, Mexico!  This week we are on a getaway on the beach in Cancun enjoying some sun, wake skate via Flow Rider and SUP.   There is nothing better than a relaxing getaway while enjoying some water sports to get back on track.



Did you know?

Stand up paddle boarding also known as SUP is the fastest growing water sport worldwide?  Unlike surfing where a rider patiently waits for an incoming wave, stand up paddle boarders stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water.  Variations of SUP include flat water paddling for outdoor recreation, fitness, or sightseeing, racing on lakes, large rivers and canals, surfing on ocean waves, paddling in river rapids (whitewater SUP), and paddle board yoga.

We offer getaways that encompass all of these variations.  SUP has many health benefits as well ranging from improving balance, a full body workout, especially the core, low impact so even those with injuries can enjoy, and it helps to reduce stress.

Join us on an upcoming SUP/surf getaway. 



Snow Season Launch Party!

Winter is HERE!  We're throwing a snow season launch bash on Thursday, October 27th at Declaration Brewing.  There will be multiple vendors on site, food truck, snowboarding videos and plenty of free giveaways!

This winter we will be venturing to Silverton, CO for a long weekend of heli boarding, guided riding and plenty of apres.  Early bird pricing is good until 10/31 before the price goes up!

Ever heard of JAPOW?  Join us February 2017 for a week long, powder filled, riders dream.  This getaway includes backcountry riding, cat adventure and 5 days on the mountains.  You don't want to miss this!

See you on the slopes. 

Mountain Gathering Adventure in Breckenridge!

Join us this weekend, August 26-28, 2016 for Gociety's annual Mountain Gathering in Breckenridge, Colorado!  

Are you an early morning riser summiting Quandary Peak?

Do you need a little yoga to start your day and warm your muscles?

Is your desired type of adventure riding up a mountain on your favorite bike?

Would you prefer to spend your day in the water doing SUP Paddle boarding while exploring Lake Dillon? 

Whatever your jive is we can guarantee someone will be doing it with you!  Sign up early to guarantee your spot for SUP Yoga on Maggie Pond, available Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 - 12:00.

Explore | Escape | Connect

Life Is An Adventure

It really is all about the journey, not the destination and adventure should be a top priority!  At 365 Boarding Getaways, exploring new destinations, escaping the everyday stresses and connecting with others are what we strive for.

Balance is key.  Work hard but play twice as hard!  In all boarding sports such as snowboarding, surfing, kiteboarding and stand up paddle boarding, if you're not falling, you're not trying.  Push past your limits and your comfort zone.

Adventure Awaits!

Join us on our upcoming getaway to San Diego, California.  You don't want to miss out on SUP yoga, surfing and an adventure hike over a 4-day weekend October 13-16, 2016.  Sign up here

Motivation Monday

This week we're pushing you to try something new.  Haven't gotten out on a SUP yet? Maybe haven't experienced a SUP Yoga class?  The health benefits can be found here. In addition to feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, you will gain core strength, have the potential to overcome your fear of falling and gain new friendships.

What are you waiting for?!  Get outside this week and try something new.

Benefits of an Inflatable Paddle Board

We recently tested a variety of inflatable paddle boards (iSUP) and found some serious benefits.  

Easier to transport - the number one benefit to an iSUP is how easy they are to transport.  Most iSUP's come equipped with a compact carry bag that will store your pump, paddle and board. This benefit allows you to transport in the back seat or trunk of a car or even as your checked luggage if traveling.

Stability - we were thrilled to find when paddling an iSUP that it is as stable as a composite board.  When inflated to 15 PSI, the iSUP is very stable.  We recommend a board that is 6" high to provide the most stable surface on water.

Durability - most iSUP's come with a repair kit in case the board gets a rip or tear when paddling down river.  When the board is inflated it allows for some give when paddling and hitting objects. You're more likely to bounce off of an object where a composite board is likely to get dinged.

Pricing - Depending on your skill and budget, iSUP's are very affordable.  You can purchase new starting around $400 for the entire package.  However, some iSUP's are priced up to $1,500.

Overall recommendation, for beginner and intermediate riders, we highly recommend an inflatable board due to ease of transport, stability and pricing.  Surf'sup!



Surfing - Real Health Benefits

Surfing originated in Hawaii and now is a popular worldwide sport.  If there's a wave, someone's riding it!  Surfers have the physical benefits of surfing which include paddling and surfing that build their cardiovascular strength but they also build muscle in their shoulder and back as well as their legs and core.

Not only is surfing a great physical benefit but surfers also gain benefits from this sport for their mental health.  With the fresh air, salt water and freedom from every day stressors, it's a great outlet for stress and tension.

Do you want to enhance your current surfing skills or try it for the first time?  Join us in San Diego this fall or Cancun, Mexico for a surfing/SUP getaway.  Details on our destination page:

Surf'sup!  See you on the water. 

Beach Dreamin'

If you're like us, there's nothing better than a trip to the beach.  Toes in the sand, laying in the sun, surfing the waves...

We're currently planning trips to San Diego, California and Cancun, Mexico.  If you like sand, surf, sun and the beach, join us on our next getaway!  Bring a friend, or come solo, there's room for everyone!


3rd Annual Mountain Gathering - August 2016

Gociety and Eureka present this year's 3rd Annual Mountain Gathering and we're sponsoring SUP rentals on Lake Dillon as well as SUP yoga at the Maggie Pond!  The event will take place starting Friday, August 26th through Sunday, August 28th at the Bivvi Hostel in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Tickets WILL sell out so be sure to buy early!  Detailed information and sign ups can be found here: 

See you in August!