Get on Board

What is 365 Boarding?

365 Boarding was founded to promote the passion of an active lifestyle through boarding sports. The outdoors are our home and every season provides a new adventure.  Whether it's snowboarding, wakeboarding, paddleboarding, surfing, kiteboarding or more, we're actively pursuing a new challenge and building a community of boarding enthusiasts.

What are 365 Boarding Getaways?

Our passions are travel and boarding sports which birthed 365 Boarding Getaways!  We travel to worldwide destinations to experience new culture and landscapes while meeting people from around the world.  Boarding sports are a universal language!

Booking Your Adventure

365 Boarding Getaways aims to provide multiple destinations year round for boarding and travel enthusiasts.  We offer single and double occupancy to most destinations; however, some destinations may vary.  Have a group?  Contact us for group rates.

What if I need to cancel or modify a reservation?

Things happen and plans change.  We offer cancellations or modifications to trips within 72 hours of your booking.  After that time period, any cancellations or modifications will only be granted at the discretion of the owners.  Check out our 365 Boarding Getaways Facebook page to find travelers willing to fill your spot!

Is payment required in full at the time of booking?

Yes, for all weekend and 3-day trips, we require full payment upon booking.  For getaways that are 5-7 days in length, we may offer payment installment plans.



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There's an adventure for everyone.